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Month: October 2017

4 Simple Reasons Why Team Building Is an Important Financial Investment

There is no disputing the fact that strong office relationships lead to improved job satisfaction and a more successful work environment. This is why team building is so important. The more engaged your workers are, the more your company culture will benefit and the more you will boost your bottom line. Here are some other ways team building is a smart investment. Encourage Collaboration Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Your IT department decides to implement a change and fails to include all of the stakeholders in the decision-making process. Now, your Customer Service team and other...

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7 Wild Team Building Ideas for Your Company

Did you see everyone yawn or roll their eyes when you brought up a scavenger hunt for your next team building effort? Do you keep dragging out the same uninteresting games to get your departments working together? If you have the budget then it’s time to think outside of the box and inspire your workers to do the same by trying one of the following wild team-building excursions. Go on a (Safe) Safari Why not take your team to Orlando, Florida, where you can take advantage of Disney Animal Kingdom’s Wild Africa Trek, a three-hour adventure available through Disney...

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