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Author: Why Team Building

Team Building in Finance

Team building in Finance is essential to help keep team performance at its peak, in both the short and long term. We all know the often bandied about term ‘There’s no ‘I’ in team’ and nowhere is this more important than in a finance setting. Team building in Finance is a group effort but the Finance leader has to lead the way. Finance Team Motivation Before you begin the task of improving team building in a financial setting, take a moment to look around you, view your team and see where any potential problems might lie If you’ve noticed any of the following, you need to act as soon as possible: Finance team motivation Disengaged employees who don’t show interest in anything other than the bare minimum requirements of their roles Higher levels of absenteeism Low productivity No creative thinking Gossip is rife Lack of commitment Missed deadlines Finance Team Building Tips Put team values at the heart of your workplace Have a brainstorming session and talk to everyone about what is important to them in terms of work. Find common core values and work together on those. Make sure everyone is working from the same page and towards a common goal. Work together to do this and constantly evaluate and appraise the situation. Create a trusting environment If you’re a manager you’re the one responsible for setting the...

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Team Building Solutions That Will Truly Innovate Your Workplace

Building a team that is eager to deliver, whilst working flawlessly with each another is a way for you to maximize productivity and allow your business to continuously expand and grow. Knowing how to build a team that will truly innovate your workplace is essential, whether you are interested in increasing profitability or simply want to provide a working environment that is appealing and desirable to all members of your team. Establish Your Leadership Position Establishing your position of leasership within your business is imperative to keep your employees on track with any goals and tasks you have set...

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What can the US Military teach us about team building

The military was founded on teamwork. Most people would accept that statement as an axiom. However, it doesn’t tell the entire story. The military was also founded on leadership, and anyone who runs a successful company or works closely with select group of people knows that successful leadership equals great teamwork. Some might not understand the distinction between leadership and teamwork, and that really is OK, because teamwork and leadership are complex subjects. The simple fact of the matter is that learning how to be a leader starts with learning how to follow and then learning how to be a part...

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4 Simple Reasons Why Team Building Is an Important Financial Investment

There is no disputing the fact that strong office relationships lead to improved job satisfaction and a more successful work environment. This is why team building is so important. The more engaged your workers are, the more your company culture will benefit and the more you will boost your bottom line. Here are some other ways team building is a smart investment. Encourage Collaboration Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Your IT department decides to implement a change and fails to include all of the stakeholders in the decision-making process. Now, your Customer Service team and other...

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7 Wild Team Building Ideas for Your Company

Did you see everyone yawn or roll their eyes when you brought up a scavenger hunt for your next team building effort? Do you keep dragging out the same uninteresting games to get your departments working together? If you have the budget then it’s time to think outside of the box and inspire your workers to do the same by trying one of the following wild team-building excursions. Go on a (Safe) Safari Why not take your team to Orlando, Florida, where you can take advantage of Disney Animal Kingdom’s Wild Africa Trek, a three-hour adventure available through Disney...

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