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Author: Why Team Building

HCA Healthcare choose local charity to support through their team-building events in Nashville

Nashville is undoubtedly a hub for businesses as it plays host to major corporations such as Nissan and HCA Healthcare as well as being home to the American music industry and big sporting teams such as the Predators, Titans and the Sounds. This makes it the popular choice for companies to build rapport, increase motivation and have a break from their busy work lives to enjoy a day of team-building around the city. As well as being of benefit to the corporation itself, companies are now looking at ways where these events can not only benefit themselves but help...

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Aerial Innovations take part in a Clue Scavenger Hunt for their annual team building event in Nashville

Anyone who works as part of a team knows how important working together is for the enjoyment and success of the company. Pulling together for a common goal will ultimately determine how well you do as an organisation. One well-known team-building exercise which is taking off around Nashville, is Clue Scavenger Hunt. This was first known as a famous mystery board game but is now being adapted to the benefit of companies who wish to use it as enjoyable team building exercise that requires participants to work together, use their initiative and most importantly have fun! One such organisation...

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Sacramento Mural Festival Ideal For Team R&R

When you think about art and corporate events, it’s often a formal gallery visit or attending a theater show, or musical. However, festivals occur throughout the country, offering a much more relaxed, and often providing a better opportunity for bonding in the outdoors. The Sacramento Mural Festival, most recently taking place in August, is exactly the kind of event your business should be keeping an eye out for when it’s time for some out-of-office bonding. The informal layout, with artists popping up throughout downtown and midtown, turning concrete into masterpieces, makes the experience more interactive. Visitors can watch them...

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Extreme 93 Mile Swim To Raise Funds For Veterans

For those of you who are anything like the news team here at Why Team Building, the idea of completing 93 lengths of an Olympic-sized swimming pool is daunting. That puts in perspective, the monstrous challenge faced by San Fransisco swimmer, Kim Chambers. The bold, and ambitious lady, according to KCRA 3, set off from Sacramento’s Yacht Club, and embarked on a 93-mile, nonstop swim to Tiburon, down the Sacramento River. Unfortunately for Kim, the weather turned hostile, and with 30-knot winds tearing through the water for eight grueling hours, she eventually conceded a still staggering 24 hours into...

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Tigers of Memphis Tennessee Use Team Building Games To Break Up Tough Training Days

Sometimes a powerful use of team building activities is to support the overall experience of a day, and provide a fun way to bond, as part of a more intensive program. This was evident, as reported by The Commercial Intent, at a recent training day where the Tigers took time away from their intensive practice schedule to have some fun with cards, dodgeball and other bonding activities. Checkout my all-access @memphisnews slideshow of @TigersAthletics football training camp. — Mark Weber (@webernewsphoto) August 13, 2016 When you check out the Twitter feed of Mark Weber, and see some...

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