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Author: Why Team Building

Extreme 93 Mile Swim To Raise Funds For Veterans

For those of you who are anything like the news team here at Why Team Building, the idea of completing 93 lengths of an Olympic-sized swimming pool is daunting. That puts in perspective, the monstrous challenge faced by San Fransisco swimmer, Kim Chambers. The bold, and ambitious lady, according to KCRA 3, set off from Sacramento’s Yacht Club, and embarked on a 93-mile, nonstop swim to Tiburon, down the Sacramento River. Unfortunately for Kim, the weather turned hostile, and with 30-knot winds tearing through the water for eight grueling hours, she eventually conceded a still staggering 24 hours into...

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Tigers of Memphis Tennessee Use Team Building Games To Break Up Tough Training Days

Sometimes a powerful use of team building activities is to support the overall experience of a day, and provide a fun way to bond, as part of a more intensive program. This was evident, as reported by The Commercial Intent, at a recent training day where the Tigers took time away from their intensive practice schedule to have some fun with cards, dodgeball and other bonding activities. Checkout my all-access @memphisnews slideshow of @TigersAthletics football training camp. — Mark Weber (@webernewsphoto) August 13, 2016 When you check out the Twitter feed of Mark Weber, and see some...

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Wilderness Heals Fundraiser Comes to Cambridge MA

Local charity events such as this can be a great opportunity for corporations who get involved to help and give back to their communities. All of the women who took part in this women-only event raised an impressive $1,500 each before taking part. According to Wicked Local “The Elizabeth Stone House is a Roxbury-based organization that helps homeless and at-risk survivors of domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse and other forms of trauma achieve greater safety and stability.” Some of the ladies who took part are reported to have raised up to $7,000 in the event. Even the fundraising...

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Camera Workshop Sets Cambridge, MA Girls On Path To Engineering

With Cambridge, MA well known throughout the world, it’s not surprising to see MIT looking to bring on the next generation of engineers. They have been running an event called Girls Who Build Cameras, aimed at high school girls, teaching them everything from how to actually make a camera, to coding the fancy filters we’ve all come to love on Instagram. Teaching girls engineering is an investment in our future workforce. Women are an untapped resource in the growing field of STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math]. The most effective way to spark a girl’s interest in engineering is...

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Fantasy Sports or A Pretend Maze

This week’s episode features one of the best in-office events we’ve seen in a long time. Gary Vaynerchuk’s passion for sports is second to… well someone, somewhere probably, maybe? But this takes things to a new level, where his team has an entire day dedicated to a realistic draft of players for their fantasy sports teams. A half-day of banter, negotiating, decision making, all about something they will remain passionate about, and debating throughout the year, as the season unfolds. Sure we’ve all seen fantasy sports within offices before, and many offices will have an organizer who coordinates their league, but this level of set up, and atmosphere is something you won’t find in most places. And I think that’s where the true long term value of this kind of things comes from – it’s uniquely committed, and more than just a team building game for the sake of it. It gives Gary, no doubt, a huge insight into the way some of his staff think and work (if he’s paying attention despite all the bad picks he kept making ;)). Successful team building is about more than just playing some games, going for a beer, or doing some puzzles. It has to be something immersive, enjoyable, challenging and lively. All of those boxes are ticked with this activity. One thing to note is that some people don’t participate....

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