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Author: Why Team Building

Ski Resorts Or Playing With A Piece Of String: The Best And Worst Team Building

There’s a real trend developing where not only are forward thinking companies offering full experiences to teams that more resemble a fun day out or even a full on vacation, but team building events companies are starting to create experiences so good, such as the escape rooms, that people are choosing to book them for their own parties outside of the workplace. Unfortunately, there are also many companies stuck in the past with staid, ‘stand in the conference room messing about with a piece of string’ type team building, which many employees come to dread as a waste of...

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We Review Dr Nick Southgate’s Excellent Team Motivation Psychology Lecture

Fallacy of the “great man” theory Dr Southgate starts by exploring the way people tend to idolize individuals who have had success, most often men, and that this approach may be significantly flawed. However he points to our innate desire for simplicity as being one of the key drivers for us to feel and behave that way. An individual has had success, if we listen to many of those types of individual we’ll somehow see the patter and distill from it the correct behaviors. Unfortunately that may not be the case. I started to realize it was going to be a great lecture when he referenced Adam Smith, one of my favorite books of all time being the Wealth of Nations. He points to the failures that have often resulted from appointing a single individual to manage an entire complex process or economy, and contrasts it with the ‘invisible hand’ that Smith prefers as the optimal way for an economy or large function to run. Is it possible then, that the most successful leaders will act more like an enabler for the ‘invisible hand’ to permeate through their organization? How much luck did they have? The lecture touches on some other interesting points, such as our tendency to view our contribution to the team more ‘optimistically’ than an outside observer, except people who are depressed who rate themselves fairly...

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Charity Team Building Creates Real Sense Of Purpose, Camaraderie For Teams

It’s possible to combine the desire to foster better working relationships and camaraderie among staff members with doing good for the community in which the business draws staff, support and customers. Many charities have regular annual drives for support, or themed days which require help to get organized and make a success. What better opportunity for businesses to let their staff bond, while doing something of value. Charity team building activities are an opportunity to make team building real, but still separate that real purpose from the day-to-day office activities and environment. If you’re running an event to try to escape from a room, in a fictional scenario, the team knows it’s all ‘just for fun’ and some, particularly the boomer generation, may even find the whole thing to be of little value, and a waste of time. Getting out into the community and helping real people eliminates a lot of these objections and helps everyone pitch into help people in need, achieving the dual purpose of helping your team and helping a charity much in need of support. The Tennessean reports that the Tennessee Titans football team view their annual Titan Up For Tots charity drive as an essential team building event as well as a great way to support the community. It was also an important way to build bridges and relationships across their entire organization, with...

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Team Building More Important To Millennials Than Boomers, Also Value Culture And Relationships At Work

Peter Gasca, writing for Entrepreneur, points to research by The Go Game as evidence that millennials value culture and relationships at work, and corresponding opportunities to attend team building events as more valuable than previous generations. It is reported to show that 79 percent of millennials felt that such activities boosted retention, and 88 percent felt that it was definitely worthwhile, which compared to much lower figures for boomers with under half believing it helped with staff retention. A big part of this shift is likely due to the move by many team building companies towards providing more modern, and engaging activities such as escape rooms and music themed events which naturally appeal to a generation born in a world where technology takes precedence over rope courses and blindfolds. Of course another factor is that many boomers’ only experience with team building is that staid ropes and blindfolds experience, and many will not have participated in any of the more modern, and engaging events. It would be simplistic to simply blame a change in available activities, however. There are undoubtedly different priorities in different generations, compounded by differences we naturally find between different age groups irrespective of the trends of the era. Human resources professionals need to be very conscious of the make up of their teams and preferences when considering the types of events they propose and organize...

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Can Music Based Team Building Recreate Our Social Partying?

Every weekend, millions of friendships are cemented on the dance floor at clubs in cities all over the world. Friends get together, dance, sing, hug, and bond over their favorite tracks strengthening bonds that can last a lifetime. That’s hardly the feeling most people return from old-fashioned team building activities with. The question is: can music and performing together recreate some of those bonding and fun experiences in corporate team building exercises. Corporate Events company KDM Events, hopes that it can, and according to CIT Magazine is launching a range of team building products centered around performing together either in mime to a music track or even producing an episode of a soap opera as a team. We’re seeing a lot of client interest in these performance-related team building activities as a means of injecting an element of fun, breaking down barriers and generating spontaneous camaraderie amongst groups that could otherwise have taken months to bond. KDM Director, Nicky Whyman With huge audiences being built in miming and performance art site, it’s clear that particularly among the younger demographic there is a lot of interest in these kind of activities. This gives companies the opportunity to offer their staff something that appeals to their younger team members as well as offering a chance to bring a genuine party feeling to the table instead of a more traditional stale...

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