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Team Building Activities In Cambridge, MA

Known internationally as a center for educational excellence, in the form of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but locals know there’s more to Cambridge than study! A city with beautiful, historic buildings, riverside walkways, museums, and the beautiful fresh pond reservation.

Many businesses opt for a short, traditional, office-based team building experience Cambridge, but it’s won’t take you by surprise that there are many innovative teamwork businesses taking things outdoors into the beauty and history of the city, where camaraderie can really grow and thrive.

It’s also a pleasure to showcase some of the local charities, in need of help, which can be a great opportunity to combine getting your staff out and about, bonding in the community, as well as giving something back to the city you all love. With so many great causes to choose from, charity team building is becoming increasingly popular.

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Hopsters Brew Corporate Events

Hopsters Brew Corporate Events

Image Source: Hopsters Brew

Fancy battling it out with your colleagues to brew the perfect beer? The good news is you can at Hopsters Brew. A little competition, a little bonding, a great atmosphere, all contribute to a great corporate event. You can even spice things up by taking your samples back to the office with custom designer labels.

Charles Hotel PaintNite Creative Experience

charles hotel team paint night event

Image Source: Charles Hotel

With a couple of cocktails to loosen the inhibitions, PaintNite at the Charles Hotel is a great place for your Cambridge-based team to bond, laugh, and create something inspirational. Art is a great way to bond while showing a different side of yourself.

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Does Team Bonding And Corporate Activities Really Grow Your Business?

Younger team members report that having activities, bonding opportunities and other corporate events can drive a significant 79% boost to staff retention.

Just as importantly, staff with friends at work are reported to be significantly happier, and likely to value the work they do for the company.

With team building events in Cambridge offering easy to organize office-based only events, some that let you get outdoors, and some really great informal social bonding opportunities, the chance to let these friendships, and your business flourish have never been greater.

Charles River Canoe & Kayak

160 Riverview Ave
Waltham MA 02453
(617) 965-5110
Booking Website

With trained facilitators available to support organizers and “improve cohesion, cooperation, communication, synergy, leadership, and more”, your team is certain to get a lot out of their day on the Charles. The activities take place on one of the quieter stretches, giving everyone a chance to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of work life. Everything you need to foster team bonding, improve productivity and have a great day away from the office.

Boston Winery

26 Ericsson Street
Boston, MA 02122

The opportunity to learn all about wine, and actually take a shot at making some of your own to sit down and enjoy at the end of a ‘hard’ day of team building. A beautiful facility, with a relaxing atmosphere, and set up well to accommodate corporate groups wanting to get as much out of the educational and bonding experience possible.

Wild Goose Chase Smartphone Scavenger Hunt


An exciting take on modern team building, bringing technology and good old fashioned outdoor fun together in somewhat of a unique blend. The event usually takes 1-3 hours and consists of everything needed to get your team thinking, running and scrambling to complete the tasks within the time limit. Who’s going to be top of the leader board at the end?

Cambridge Game Trucks


Imagine your very own luxurious, air conditioned, game truck turning up to your office in Cambridge. That’s exactly what Cambridge game trucks provide. Your team can take each other on at a game of Halo if you’re looking to unwind, or take on some strategy games in teams, really putting their cooperation to the test without even leaving your car park.

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What’s Going On! Team Building News From Cambridge

If you’re not sure what to do for your event, and need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, then there’s bound to be some inspiration from our news desk. Check out what’s going on in Cambridge from charity team events to companies making a splash.

Hey, and if your company has been up to something fun that you’d like to let the Cambridge community know about then a quick shout out to our editor would be appreciated – If your story stands out, you could find yourself covered here, not only giving yourself some coverage in the Cambridge area, but inspiring other businesses to do some great stuff for their staff too!

Philanthropic team building is a great way to not only enhance the performance of your team but to give something back to the community right here in Cambridge, MA.

Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup

Harvard Stadium
65 North Harvard Street
Boston, MA 02163
Event Site

Why not hop over to our neighbors in Boston and show them what Cambridge businesses are made of in a bit of friendly, but not too strenuous competition in the name of charity. The event is in aid of Boston Children’s hospital, and usually takes place around 21st July. Putting down a mark for Cambridge at the corn toss or in a basketball challenge will definitely put some smiles on your team’s faces.

Wilderness Heals Annual Hike

Elizabeth Stone House
8 Notre Dame Street
Roxbury, MA 02119
Event Site

The Elizabeth Stone House does great work in the Cambridge area supporting women who have suffered any form of domestic abuse, and boasts a growing shelter thanks to the many supporters who take part in this event. For teams of ladies looking to take the hike, and give back to the community, this can be a great event to support.

Haymakers For Hope

House of Blues Boston
15 Landsdowne St Boston, MA 02215
Event Site

A great event in support of cancer charities that combines in ring excellence with supporting and empowering local people to train and take part in a charity boxing match. It won’t just be cancer that gets knocked out though, you can be assured that your team will have a great night, knocking out any bad vibes on your team, and all in the name of a great cause.

To suggest a listing e-mail our editors on and we’ll review your business for inclusion. Any amendments, requests for removal, for example if the business has closed will also be processed promptly.

How to Pick The Best Team Building Activity For Your Cambridge Team

One of the most important things to consider when deciding what event is best for you is the makeup of your team. Different groups will have different preferences, and there is even research pointing to markedly different attitudes to team building between generations. Ensuring that it’s something all of your team can enjoy, and participate fully is crucial.

Indoor Or Outdoor Team Activities In Cambridge

New England is beautiful, there’s no getting away from that. So there is definitely a huge appeal to getting out of the office for the day and enjoying some of what is on offer out in the wilderness. Having said that, in office events, or events that come to your office in the form of escape room vans, or game vans, can be an exciting alternative, meaning you don’t have to compromise on experience just because you’re not hitting the road!

For some events, you may have a higher focus on bonding, in which case ‘adventure’ is often the name of the game. However if an educational experience is required, then sometimes an indoor team activity will allow for more structure and focus on your core objectives.

Team Bonding Or Team Development Activities

Teams that get on well together are more likely to stay together. That sounds obvious, but many corporate incentive schemes completely miss that point and fail to deliver on keeping people’s work relationships friendly and positive.

Bonding activities are specifically designed to be more relaxed, and less formal and educational, than other team building events, and as a result can really help people let their hair down, and share some informal moments of fun with their colleagues

Having said that, another extremely important area for maintaining satisfied employees is in the personal development arena. A management day where staff get the opportunity to take charge and lead projects can help those who wish to develop in that way feel valued, and help you pick out your future rising stars!

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Cambridge Photo By Ethan O’Connor from Cambridge, MA – Central Square, Cambridge, CC BY 2.0,