Local charity events such as this can be a great opportunity for corporations who get involved to help and give back to their communities. All of the women who took part in this women-only event raised an impressive $1,500 each before taking part.

According to Wicked Local “The Elizabeth Stone House is a Roxbury-based organization that helps homeless and at-risk survivors of domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse and other forms of trauma achieve greater safety and stability.”

Some of the ladies who took part are reported to have raised up to $7,000 in the event.

Even the fundraising element of these events can be an important part of fostering camaraderie among teammates. Not only does it foster a bit of friendly competition – who wants to be the one who raised the least, after all – but it encourages creativity, sharing ideas, all in the goal of raising the most money, and having the most fun on the day in support of a good local cause.

With this event leading to a significant expansion of the support the charity is able to offer, the participants were able to contribute to the expansion of the shelter and help quadruple the number of people. A truly rewarding experience for everyone involved, and one of the ways in which companies can best give to charity is through involving their teams in events like this, rather than simply giving cash. Of course charitable donations are always welcome, but a bigger donation can be made, with greater benefits for both parties, through participation.