We’ve spoken a few times about how Gary Vaynerchuk often mentions how important he sees it that managers understand what truly motivated employees and what drives them in life generally and tailoring your style, targets and treatment to match their vision. Magdy covers this very nicely at the beginning and strongly encourages managers to try to see the ‘vision’ of the organization from the eyes of the employee not from their own point of view.

It’s well known that people are motivated by feeling like they’re getting better at something. It was interesting to learn that some employees are even driven to turn down higher paid offers elsewhere in exchange for development – definitely something to bear in mind, especially if development can be given at ‘no cost’ in the ways companies like Google do it – allowing staff to develop through experimenting on their own ideas and projects.

An interesting little video that touches very briefly on some of the key areas of employee motivation and why they are important. Good managers will already be implementing these practices in their day to day routines, but if you’re new to managing a team it would be a good starting point for you to start to understand what’s driving your team and how you can better motivate them.

[Original Video, Channel: Ahmed Magdy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs97z8ruzpQ]