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Author: Why Team Building

Geocaching as a Team Building Activity

Team building is an important time investment for both management and employees. It fosters unity, creates trust, camaraderie, boosts morale, opens up communication and strengthens collaboration. A successful team building exercise translates to an effective activity that will generate engaged employees. Activities for Team Building There are many team building exercises and activities that you can do from games to outdoor sports. The main thing to remember is not to force activities on your staff. It has to be an activity that is enjoyable to create good vibes among employees which in turn will benefit the business or the...

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How to help a colleague whose teen is in drug rehab?

When a colleague confides in you that their son or daughter is suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction it can be a slippery slope to navigate. On one hand you want to help your colleague or friend, but you also do not want to get caught up in a potentially precarious position in the work-place. As a fellow employee and most likely friend, you want to show your troubled co-worker that you care and that you are there for them. But you also need to tread through the turbulent waters delicately. After all, your job is your livelihood and...

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Microsoft go all out for charity in their recent conference in Chicago

We all know Microsoft is a corporate giant in the software world, founded in 1975 and employing over 90,000 people worldwide. Most recently they held a conference for 100 of their workforce in Chicago, and aside from the normal meetings and presentations that occur in these corporate events, the employees were in for a small surprise at the end of the three days. Microsoft teamed up with the Build-A-Bike charity to bring a different kind of team-building event. The workshop provided the perfect finish to a successful conference, bringing a high-energy and particularly enjoyable task where employees had the...

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Abbvie take on a Military Mission with a few surprises in Chicago

The “Windy City” is a perfect location for your company to take their employees out and embark on a day of team-building in order to create a fun and motivating experience for everyone. Recently, pharmaceutical company Abbvie decided to host a charity team building event to not only motivate and aid their workforce, but in the meantime using the day to so some good for overseas men and women. The task in hand was; In the Mission: Military Care, where teams have to work together in and put together care packages for overseas service men and women. The event...

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HCA Healthcare choose local charity to support through their team-building events in Nashville

Nashville is undoubtedly a hub for businesses as it plays host to major corporations such as Nissan and HCA Healthcare as well as being home to the American music industry and big sporting teams such as the Predators, Titans and the Sounds. This makes it the popular choice for companies to build rapport, increase motivation and have a break from their busy work lives to enjoy a day of team-building around the city. As well as being of benefit to the corporation itself, companies are now looking at ways where these events can not only benefit themselves but help...

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