Did you see everyone yawn or roll their eyes when you brought up a scavenger hunt for your next team building effort? Do you keep dragging out the same uninteresting games to get your departments working together? If you have the budget then it’s time to think outside of the box and inspire your workers to do the same by trying one of the following wild team-building excursions.

Go on a (Safe) Safari

Why not take your team to Orlando, Florida, where you can take advantage of Disney Animal Kingdom’s Wild Africa Trek, a three-hour adventure available through Disney Meetings? On the safari, you will experience close encounters of the avian, amphibian, and mammalian kind. The theme park is located on 580 acres and features several thrills, like a swinging rope bridge. Additionally, the Magic Kingdom is right next door when you tire of the real animals and want to shake hands with Mickey Mouse and his pals.

Get Stranded at Sea

Is your team more like Gilligan’s Island or Lord of the Flies? You can find out and help your group work together by simulating a shipwreck or plane crash at sea. As part of their Leadership & Team Development program, Connecticut’s Survival Systems offers courses in open-water sea survival. The program lasts eight hours and takes place in water where you learn how to be rescued, jump from a height, learn surface-water survival, underwater escape, and raft evacuations. These exercises improve individual leadership skills, resource use, stress control, and team cohesion.

Go Wild in a Museum

Museum Hack is a company that offers team-building events in top museums in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C. The organisation serves more than 200 corporate customers each year by taking large groups of competitive work teams tearing through rooms of irreplaceable artefacts. They tailor each program to fit the corporate culture of their clients. Their themes include the service culture in the Roman Empire and the history of technological advances. In the UK, Wildgoose offers treasure hunt challenges in London British Museum.

Do Demolition Work in Las Vegas

Corporate groups of as many as 40 participants can take part in the personalised programs offered by Dig This Las Vegas. In the middle of the Mojave Desert, they offer the ultimate sandbox for adults where office workers and executives can operate and drive excavators, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery. Teams of up to six put on safety vests and hardhats to compete in construction and demolition tasks. Each person has their own role, including labourer, manager, and foreman.

Join a Spy School

At several locations across the UK, the Team Building Company offers groups of up to 250 a four-hour-long Spy School program. The covert operations are designed to improve group dynamics. Some of the unique activities include driving quads and tanks, laser tag, hand-to-hand combat, breaking codes, shooting crossbows, making a fire, and sniper-shooting.

Try Spelunking in the Rockies

Go from the rat race to the Rat’s Nest while honing your team dynamics on a Canadian Rockies caving and spelunking expedition. Based in Alberta, Canmore Cave Tours provides a broad range of under- and aboveground team-building experiences. Most of the activities take place in the Rat’s Nest Cave, which is located under 2,706-metre-high Grotto Mountain. Their subterranean programs are called Solitude, Adventure, and Explorer. They are designed to last up to four hours and accommodate eight cavers.

Rub Noses with a Shark

Well, maybe this one doesn’t involve literally rubbing noses with a shark, but you come darn close. There are several businesses in Africa, Australia, and North America that give groups the opportunity to dive in the water and interact with the great white shark. Don’t worry about your employees losing any limbs. The dives are in a secure cage. A South African operator, Supreme Sharks, guarantees that you will spot a shark or you can come back. The company markets its cage diving programs as a leisure trip, team-building activity, and outdoor adventure trip.

With any of the above options, you are sure to keep your staff engaged, motivate them to work together, and create a shared experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.