Every weekend, millions of friendships are cemented on the dance floor at clubs in cities all over the world. Friends get together, dance, sing, hug, and bond over their favorite tracks strengthening bonds that can last a lifetime. That’s hardly the feeling most people return from old-fashioned team building activities with. The question is: can music and performing together recreate some of those bonding and fun experiences in corporate team building exercises.

Corporate Events company KDM Events, hopes that it can, and according to CIT Magazine is launching a range of team building products centered around performing together either in mime to a music track or even producing an episode of a soap opera as a team.

We’re seeing a lot of client interest in these performance-related team building activities as a means of injecting an element of fun, breaking down barriers and generating spontaneous camaraderie amongst groups that could otherwise have taken months to bond.

KDM Director, Nicky Whyman

With huge audiences being built in miming and performance art site music.ly, it’s clear that particularly among the younger demographic there is a lot of interest in these kind of activities. This gives companies the opportunity to offer their staff something that appeals to their younger team members as well as offering a chance to bring a genuine party feeling to the table instead of a more traditional stale team building event at a ropes course.

One of the challenges in many offices is that while some of the team bonds well over drinks and partying after work, many staff find those environments uncomfortable or have out of work commitments that prevent them from fully participating. Recreating some of the fun allows them to be brought into the fold and form new friendships and show their fun side in a sober and more comfortable environment. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to see the boss crash and burn trying to rap!

If bonding isn’t your main priority, and you’re looking for a more educational team building experience, then you might want to also check out the recent trend towards puzzle-based experiences, such as the escape rooms we recently covered. With some of them even prepared to travel to your premises and set up in a portable unit right in your parking lot, they can be a convenient and fun way to assess your team’s problem solving abilities.