Anyone who works as part of a team knows how important working together is for the enjoyment and success of the company. Pulling together for a common goal will ultimately determine how well you do as an organisation. One well-known team-building exercise which is taking off around Nashville, is Clue Scavenger Hunt. This was first known as a famous mystery board game but is now being adapted to the benefit of companies who wish to use it as enjoyable team building exercise that requires participants to work together, use their initiative and most importantly have fun!

One such organisation that has enjoyed the benefits of this are the employees of “Aerial Innovations” who, for their annual company meeting, were sent around Nashville on a scavenger hunt. For them, the scavenger hunt theme had a direct link to the work they undertake at the company, involving them searching for past projects they had photographed over the years. For the newer members of the company, it provided the perfect introduction to the work that they do at Aerial Innovations but in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Everyone had a great time and the activity left them feeling motivated to continue the great work that they have done for years.

Another company has taken it a step further by introducing and utilising smart phones as an educational tool, bringing the classic scavenger hunt into the modern technological age. Stray Boots, who were founded in 2008, have introduced these exciting games to Nashville, as well as in over 40 other cities in the world, to encourage students to work together and develop key skills that they can transfer into the real world. It also gives them the perfect opportunity to get to know the city and the history that surrounds it in a fun and purposeful environment.

For anyone who is looking to create a team building program for their organisation in Nashville, then a local scavenger hunt may be just what is required to build rapport, boost morale and motivate your team so that they are willing to work hard and become more engaged with the company.