We all know Microsoft is a corporate giant in the software world, founded in 1975 and employing over 90,000 people worldwide. Most recently they held a conference for 100 of their workforce in Chicago, and aside from the normal meetings and presentations that occur in these corporate events, the employees were in for a small surprise at the end of the three days. Microsoft teamed up with the Build-A-Bike charity to bring a different kind of team-building event.

The workshop provided the perfect finish to a successful conference, bringing a high-energy and particularly enjoyable task where employees had the chance to get to know each other a bit better, show their competitive sides and do something for a worthwhile cause. As an event, Build-A-Bike is fast becoming a very popular choice for companies as it can bring together employees from an executive level right down to assistants, forcing them to work together in order to build bikes for children in Chicago who may not normally get the opportunity to own one. For Microsoft, it was extremely beneficial as it ensured their people were taken out of their comfort zone and had to bring out their creative sides and collaborate in order to produce something worthwhile.

After the initial competitiveness of the workforce subsided, they were forced to really work together in order to gain the knowledge required to actually build a bike and ultimately be successful! At the end of the day, there was pressure on the individuals as 16 boys and girls from The High Ridge YMCA club in Rogers Park came to the event to receive their new bikes from Microsoft. The stresses of being taken out of their comfort zone and the pressure of working together to build something worthwhile, were all very much worthwhile once they were able to present the new bikes to the children of the High Ridge YMCA club.

Overall it was a very successful event for Microsoft and one that is definitely worthwhile for any corporation who are looking to put together a team-building event that will not only benefit their employees but also bring great joy to those who may not be as fortunate.