The “Windy City” is a perfect location for your company to take their employees out and embark on a day of team-building in order to create a fun and motivating experience for everyone. Recently, pharmaceutical company Abbvie decided to host a charity team building event to not only motivate and aid their workforce, but in the meantime using the day to so some good for overseas men and women. The task in hand was; In the Mission: Military Care, where teams have to work together in and put together care packages for overseas service men and women.

The event was put together by Charity Team Building Events who organized the day and provided all the supplies for the care packages. Unfortunately, the day didn’t get off to a good start as the room allocated for the day at the company’s head office in Chicago wasn’t quite large enough and set out in a way that would make it easy to assemble these care packages in team! Not to worry though, as in the true style of a team-building event, everyone worked together and engaged with each other in order to make it work! It also provided the perfect opportunity for the employees of Abbvie to learn an important lesson on productivity. With the set-up, they had to think on the spot, deal with unexpected complications and collaborate to ensure they put together the care packages in the time given. A true lesson of turning a potentially negative situation into a positive one!

It was also a great opportunity for employees from a massive corporation who would never cross paths to really get to know each other in a relaxed but within an important task. Communication was the key word of the day and they definitely had the chance to practice and improve on this throughout the day! Overall a really fun and bonding experience for the workforce of Abbvie who not only managed to really benefit from the team-building event, but were able to use the day to help our servicemen and women who are fighting overseas for our country.