Nashville is undoubtedly a hub for businesses as it plays host to major corporations such as Nissan and HCA Healthcare as well as being home to the American music industry and big sporting teams such as the Predators, Titans and the Sounds. This makes it the popular choice for companies to build rapport, increase motivation and have a break from their busy work lives to enjoy a day of team-building around the city.

As well as being of benefit to the corporation itself, companies are now looking at ways where these events can not only benefit themselves but help as fund-raising events for charities of their choice. It is a perfect opportunity to help not only themselves but others who are less fortunate whilst enjoying a fantastic day out!

One such company is HCA Healthcare who recently took part in a series of charity team building activities in Nashville, ensuring a good and productive day was had by all whilst they helped others through it! Whilst their goal was to build stronger teams through an effective team-building workshop, by opening up an effective communication channel, encourage collaboration and share ideas all in a fun environment, they also wanted the day to benefit their chosen charity. This for them was “Girls and Boys Clubs of America” who are based in the Middle Tennessee area. They are a charity that work to help more than 2000 less fortunate children per year to learn and grow in a safe environment and enjoy sport and recreation opportunities that they normally might not have access to. A group from the charity were invited to the event and made a real impression on the HCA group, confirming that the charity was a well-deserved choice for their support.

This just one successful example of charity team-building events available to organisations in Nashville. Team-building workshops are a fantastic way to engage your staff but using them for a good course gives these days’ real purpose and ensures that a positive outcome is secured not just for your business but for local charities of choice.