When you think about art and corporate events, it’s often a formal gallery visit or attending a theater show, or musical. However, festivals occur throughout the country, offering a much more relaxed, and often providing a better opportunity for bonding in the outdoors. The Sacramento Mural Festival, most recently taking place in August, is exactly the kind of event your business should be keeping an eye out for when it’s time for some out-of-office bonding.

The informal layout, with artists popping up throughout downtown and midtown, turning concrete into masterpieces, makes the experience more interactive. Visitors can watch them work, discuss the pieces, and take advantage of the locations to congregate for lunch, coffees and other breaks throughout the day. An overall bonding day, much more akin to a tourist day out than a more formal tour or event.

You can read more about the event here http://www.sacramentomuralfestival.com/.

Not every team bonding activity needs to be structured, or cost money, to be effective. If you’re just looking for a day out, think more like you’re organizing a fun school trip, than organizing a formal office party. A festival gives people the freedom to mingle, as long as you organize meet ups and regrouping points throughout the day to mix things up, you can make sure everyone leaves knowing new team mates from across the business, has a great day, and returns to work energized and refreshed.